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Happy Birthday Saul Alinsky!

Saul Alinsky was born on 30 January 1909, 103 years ago this week. He was born into the maelstrom that was Chicago to an Orthodox Jewish couple émigré from Russia, Benjamin and Sarah. He grew up precocious and often involved … Continue reading

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Developing Active Citizens

This week has been a hard one, full of knocks. In any community-related work, you need to be ready to face up to changes in fortune and to recognising when your own skills are not yet adequate for the task. … Continue reading

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Living with organisations

In a strange way, community organising is both about organisations and not about organisations! On the one hand, the famous definition of community organising is the 3O’s:  Organisers Organise Organisations – in other words, the focus of organisers is the … Continue reading

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Separate Lives

This week I’ve been visiting people in their homes again. Working my way with a different colleague each day from door to door, I’ve been struck by the incredible variety of people I meet this way. The diversity has so … Continue reading

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