In the winter of 2013, I posted six times on the key concepts of community organising. The series was inspired by Collective Action for Social Change by Aaron Schutz and Marie G. Sandy (see below for further details) and tried to help organisers be clear about the distinctive contribution organising brings to work in the community. I have brought them together here so that readers can see them as the intended series and read them in order. Below I have also collated the resources I mentioned in the posts. If you are aware of missing or new quality resources on community organising, I’d love to hear from you.

1. Public Accountability and Private Loyalty

2. The Power of Relational Action

3. The Central Act of Organising

4. Targets and the Power Equation

5. Cutting the Issue

6. Action and Reaction


Aaron Schutz and Marie G. Sandy (2011) Collective Action for Social Change: An Introduction to Community Organizing Palgrave MacMillan

Saul Alinsky (1989) Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals Vintage

imageKim Bobo et al (2001) Organizing for Social Change – Midwest Academy Manual for Activists (Third Edition) Seven Locks Press

Tim Gee Counter Power – Making Change Happen World Changing

Edward T. Chambers (2009) The Power of Relational Action Acta Publications

Edward T. Chambers (2004) Roots for Radicals – Organizing for Power, Action and Justice Continuum (esp. Chapter 2)

Valdis Krebs and June Holley (2006) Building Smart Communities through Network Weaving pdf Available from

One-on-One with Intro – a YouTube video giving an example of a One-to-One

Community Organizing: The One-on-One Interview – a second training video

The Change Agency Mobilising for Change – Workshop Resources pdf – great practical ‘how to’ section on relational meetings (pp15-18)

Si Khan (1998) Organizing – A Guide for Grassroots Leaders (revised edition) NASW Press

Michael Jacoby Brown (2006) Building Powerful Community Organizations – A Personal Guide to Creating Groups that can Solve Problems and Change the World Long Haul Press

Lee Staples (2004) Roots to Power – A Manual for Grassroots Organizing (Second Edition) Praeger

Joan Minieri and Paul Getsos (2007) Tools for Radical Democracy – How to Organize for Power in your Community Chardon Press Series Jossey Bass


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