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Building the Big Society

Since September, Giles Edwards (@gilesedwards) – a documentary producer with BBC Radio 4 pictured on the masthead above and left recording our first house group – has been following three community organisers who, like me are part of the Locality … Continue reading

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Taking the Power Back

Listening to the views of loads of people gives me a sense of what troubles this area. People mention some things again and again: youth troubles, poor response to maintenance and repair calls, fears for the future of their flats. … Continue reading

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Separate Lives

This week I’ve been visiting people in their homes again. Working my way with a different colleague each day from door to door, I’ve been struck by the incredible variety of people I meet this way. The diversity has so … Continue reading

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Hope and faith in a dismal world

What do you say to a man who says we are all going to hell in a handcart? For this householder, no one could do anything to improve Walworth, the estate around him or his even own street. After some … Continue reading

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