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Engagement community-style

Last year, I spent a delightful summer working my way into my MA dissertation. As academic writing goes, it was a short exercise ; – only 10,000 words – in systematic reflection on activism in one London borough, Southwark. During … Continue reading

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Noticing the unusual suspects

Working with citizens of all races and cultures, of all ages and styles, it strikes me that no one is the leader of our little group. There are people who are taking a more visible part and some who are … Continue reading

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Training at the mid-point

The first batch of community organisers – participating in the Locality-led national training programme – are nearing their mid-point. Employed as trainees for one year, we are spread across the country in eleven different locations, each hosted by an established … Continue reading

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Cooking up the right digital recipe

Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) never owned a mobile phone. He never friended anyone on Facebook or tweeted his most recent exploits. The age from which organising emerged – the Great Depression, the Second World War, the civil rights movement and the … Continue reading

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Building the Big Society

Since September, Giles Edwards (@gilesedwards) – a documentary producer with BBC Radio 4 pictured on the masthead above and left recording our first house group – has been following three community organisers who, like me are part of the Locality … Continue reading

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The Habit of Relating

Central to our lives together are relationships; through relationships we find meaning and experience loss. Through relating to each other we create our own politics, our life together. To harp on about the importance of relationships can seem like platitudes … Continue reading

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