My passion is realising the potential of Southwark people. As a long-term resident of the London borough, I have seen for myself how many citizens feel cut off from decisions about their community and family life. I am a community organiser, helping to create a sense of everyday politics for those who are often ignored by powerful interests. I live in Rotherhithe with my partner and enjoy social media, astrophysics, and exploring history and art.

Reach me at kmarkparker [at] gmail.com or @kmarkparker

2 Responses to About

  1. Richard Parkes, Barton Hill (Bristol) says:

    Hi Mark, yes an accurate summary bof what happened in the training, the rest of the article is very interesting, which I’ll read in more detail when I have more time to digest all the information we have, go steady, Rich, Barton Hill (Bristol)

  2. moneaguehsnw says:

    Thank you Mark for providing such in depth information in this field of community organising.I will continue to read your entire site. Many thanks and good luck

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