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Stories that really count

Last time, I explored three narratives that are currently being propagated across the UK, giving the powerful and influential opportunity to construct a debate that favours their interests. This week I want to explore how organisers can take action through … Continue reading

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Posting this week

I’m sorry to say that due to losing broadband connection at my home, I am unable to post my normal blog this week. I hope to be able to return next Wednesday if I can obtain connection again. In the … Continue reading

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Lies, Lies and Damned Narratives

In this series on the nature and value of public narrative to community organisers, we have reached a stage where we can move on to look at the wider implications of storytelling. In the early parts of this overview, we … Continue reading

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The Imperative of Now

Over recent weeks, we’ve been looking at storytelling and its place in community organising. As we arrive in the New Year, its time to finish outlining the approach to organising developed by Marshall Ganz of Harvard University. We have seen … Continue reading

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