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Thinking about the August Riots

Owen Jones recently spoke at the Royal Society for the Arts in London. His theme was how we might best understand the riots that erupted in England’s cities in August 2011. I can also recommend his first book Chavs: The … Continue reading

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Organising and the Big Society

This week I met the other members of the Cambridge House community organising team – Nicholas, Zara, Kathy and Ahmed (pictured below with Giles Edwards Producer of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought). The team is the result of a recruitment … Continue reading

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Riots and Organising

Last time (before a restful fortnight in Crete) I was reflecting on the different frames held by the UK citizens on the street and the professional elite. Their view of the world is utterly different and, following the riots, the … Continue reading

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Framing the Riots

The August 2011 riots in London and across England’s major cities have come and gone. Like a hurricane, they swept through our communities leaving death, destruction and despair behind. In Southwark, several incidents of looting, torching and violence erupted – … Continue reading

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