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What’s this about empowerment?

Power is a strange factor in our lives. How we experience it depends on lots of things: the identity ascribed to us in childhood as female, black, middle class, Muslim, straight, Scottish…and the identities that we choose for ourselves such … Continue reading

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Understanding Power Pt 2

Last week, I explored the nature of social power and looked at three traps that await anyone thinking about power. This time, I want to look at the way different schemes explain the way power in communities works. None of … Continue reading

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Understanding Power Pt 1

When I first put the word power into Flickr, up came loads of pictures of the power grid and turbines, jet engines and pylons. When I tried other related terms in Google, I got loads of pages about the power … Continue reading

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Become a Changemaker

Invitations come in several varieties. Some are simple to ignore. They are expressed in a flat monotone to everyone in general. They are often widely distributed, often arrive by email or on paper and are called publicity. Another type is … Continue reading

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