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The Imperative of Now

Over recent weeks, we’ve been looking at storytelling and its place in community organising. As we arrive in the New Year, its time to finish outlining the approach to organising developed by Marshall Ganz of Harvard University. We have seen … Continue reading

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Uncovering The Story of Self

I’m in the midst of a series of posts about stories, storytelling and their important role in community organising. So far – here, here, here and here – I’ve considered the way story turns up just about everywhere, the nature … Continue reading

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Power Analysis – taking our thinking to action

In this series of posts, I have been exploring the ways in which power can be understood to work for community organisers in their work to shift power decisively toward the community. We’ve looked at the nature of power, some … Continue reading

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The Power of Relational Action

Last week I wrote about the distinction between private and public relationships. This week as the second in a series on some key concepts in organising, I want to explore how organisers work with people to move them into a … Continue reading

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Noticing the unusual suspects

Working with citizens of all races and cultures, of all ages and styles, it strikes me that no one is the leader of our little group. There are people who are taking a more visible part and some who are … Continue reading

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Leadership on whose terms?

For years, I worked on behalf of the community sector to help central government (and the voluntary sector) change their assumptions about community groups and small charities. In governance terms, I was advocating a lighter touch regime for un-constituted and … Continue reading

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Power is a verb

Power is central to community organising. Shifting power comes from listening to the real issues of citizens, reflecting on them and acting together to change the causes of those concerns. This week I have been reading Tim Gee’s new book … Continue reading

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