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Redesigning Organiser Training

The Locality-led community organisers’ programme was commissioned by the incoming UK Coalition government in April 2011. It promised to develop a new home-grown movement of 5,000 community organisers across England building on the experience of existing community organisations and using … Continue reading

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Devising a Gamechanger for UK Politics

In the UK, community organising has become best known through the work of Citizens UK. Drawing inspiration from the US Industrial Areas Foundation, Neil Jameson founded The East London Community Organisation (TELCO) in 1997 and has led the development of … Continue reading

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Making Waves

The current situation for most UK community organisers is a difficult one. The programme was born out of a Conservative manifesto commitment to train 5,000 organisers in the lifetime of this Parliament. It has always had strong personal backing from … Continue reading

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Training as a Community Organiser

I was recently in conversation with a friend who wanted to know more about the training and development that the Locality community organiser programme is providing. As one of the first cohort, we were the guinea-pigs for the newly-minted materials … Continue reading

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Action Camp 2012

This weekend I joined over two hundred people at the first Action Camp for the Locality community organiser programme. The free to participants event ran from mid-day on Saturday to mid afternoon on Monday at Keele University campus near Stoke … Continue reading

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Cooperation and Renewing Settlement Houses

Having just returned from a short break in the sun, I want to use a book I finished reading whilst away to stimulate your thinking. It’s not directly about building independent power from the grassroots but has supported and extended … Continue reading

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Training at the mid-point

The first batch of community organisers – participating in the Locality-led national training programme – are nearing their mid-point. Employed as trainees for one year, we are spread across the country in eleven different locations, each hosted by an established … Continue reading

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