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Formed by Our Story

I have been writing about storytelling and the importance of narrative to our lives for five weeks now. I have pointed to the importance of the way we frame our narratives, what memes we use to draw on wider cultural … Continue reading

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Reaching for Potential

In recent posts, I have been exploring the nature of power and empowerment. In my post on distinctions to be made in thinking about power here, I suggested that three levels of power made the most sense in community organising: … Continue reading

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What’s this about empowerment?

Power is a strange factor in our lives. How we experience it depends on lots of things: the identity ascribed to us in childhood as female, black, middle class, Muslim, straight, Scottish…and the identities that we choose for ourselves such … Continue reading

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What makes up a neighbourhood?

We’ve been working in a new area of Camberwell for the last six weeks. It’s not a natural community but rather a place set between two villages: Walworth to the north and Camberwell to the south. On the road that … Continue reading

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