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Hope – the highway to change

Our work in most communities starts from a deep sense of disaffection, disconnection and apathy. Many blame the decline of our community life on the loss of spirit in the interaction of neighbours and look back to a time when … Continue reading

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Some Organising Resources worth exploring

I’m often asked for suggestions of resources on community organising and over the last year or two, I’ve been searching out the best of the bunch. I thought I’d bring together a selection this week and hopefully whet your appetite … Continue reading

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Training as a Community Organiser

I was recently in conversation with a friend who wanted to know more about the training and development that the Locality community organiser programme is providing. As one of the first cohort, we were the guinea-pigs for the newly-minted materials … Continue reading

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Alinsky as Lucifer’s Agent

In 2010, I studied the life and works of Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) (right) as part of my Masters in Community Organising at Queen Mary University of London. Alinsky is the most significant figure in the history of community organising as … Continue reading

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Initiating New Organising

The role of an organiser is to work with people to give them a sense of their own power and capacity for change.  It’s to discern how leaders can emerge and to give them every support to pursue their dreams. … Continue reading

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Action Camp 2012

This weekend I joined over two hundred people at the first Action Camp for the Locality community organiser programme. The free to participants event ran from mid-day on Saturday to mid afternoon on Monday at Keele University campus near Stoke … Continue reading

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Noticing the unusual suspects

Working with citizens of all races and cultures, of all ages and styles, it strikes me that no one is the leader of our little group. There are people who are taking a more visible part and some who are … Continue reading

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Just repackaged Community Development?

Many questions were raised back in 2010 when the Conservative manifesto committed an incoming Tory administration to train 5,000 community organisers; the voices asked many things but amongst them was a concern about how this new ‘army’ (yes, sadly that … Continue reading

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Learning by walking

Over the last few weeks, the five organisers working in Southwark (Nicholas, Zara, Ahmed, Kathleen and me) have been walking, talking and observing. We’ve each hosted a visit to our home neighbourhood and spent two to four hours walking the … Continue reading

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Power is a verb

Power is central to community organising. Shifting power comes from listening to the real issues of citizens, reflecting on them and acting together to change the causes of those concerns. This week I have been reading Tim Gee’s new book … Continue reading

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