Building the Big Society

IMG_1112Since September, Giles Edwards (@gilesedwards) – a documentary producer with BBC Radio 4 pictured on the masthead above and left recording our first house group – has been following three community organisers who, like me are part of the Locality programme of training. One of the three is Zara Lloyd (@claritydelusion) who works with me in Walworth. As a result, Giles has produced a half-hour programme focused on the passion and perils of being a trainee community organiser which will be broadcast as Building the Big Society today (7 March) at 11:00 on BBC Radio 4 (93.5 FM). Do listen in or – as they say – catch it again on BBC iPlayer.

The BBC News site has also run an article about the programme’s theme: What does the Big Society mean on the ground? It can be accessed here.


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4 Responses to Building the Big Society

  1. MJ Ray says:

    Any coops in it?

    • Mark Parker says:

      I think that’s covered in next week’s programme – same time, same channel.

      • MJ Ray says:

        It was fairly interesting but seemed a bit of a disjointed collection of anecdotes I feel it needs linking to the rest of the subject. Maybe the links will be drawn out more in later episodes.

      • Mark Parker says:

        I think Giles was trying to illustrate the story of this community organising training from the three settings and to ask some questions about the implications of the programme. I think he succeeded in providing the listener with an authentic insight into the role and its dilemmas.

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